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Commercial vehicle operators rely on Brahler’s to provide tires, wheels, and commercial vehicle maintenance. Unlike many other truck tire distributors, we focus on reducing our customer’s total operating cost (TOC).

We are an independent firm with seven commerical service centers and emergency road service throughout Illinois and Eastern Missouri. Brahler’s modern state-of-the-art tire retreading facility is one of the Top 50 plants in America. We pride ourselves on keeping the most modern retread equipment and software available so that we can continue to bring the very best retread products to our customers.   We reinvest in our plant and equipment every year.

Our 40-year reputation for fast, knowledgeable service and quality products means that you can always rely on Brahler’s.

Correct tire selection is a critical TOC component that affects fuel expense too. Our B-SMART™ program is an effective way to optimize tire life and reduce your TOC. Our tire consultants work closely with you on tire and fuel-related decisions that make the most sense for your specific operation.

Please check back often for the current Brahler's B-SMART™ Tire Maintenance Tip


Brahler’s is upgrading its entire fleet of Tire Service Vehicles!

Here's a look at our new trucks and equipment. We've also added HD Hunter Alignment Systems at our Farmington, MO & Morton IL locations!

Brahlers New Equipment
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