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Worn Casings- Hidden Opportunity or Actual Expense?

It’s essential to get optimum mileage utilization from today’s worn tire casings.
The retreadability of today’s quality medium truck tire continues to improve, with most major manufacturers guaranteeing their casings for up to 7 years.

The market value of a worn, retreadable casing is about 20% of your initial new tire investment. But don’t let that fool you. Your worn casing, in the hands of a competent retreader, can deliver another 500,000 miles and dramatically reduce your total operating cost.

Retreads achieve additional mileage at a greatly reduced cost compared to running all new tires. The savings come from safely achieving as many miles per casing as possible during the casing’s useful life window.

It takes more analysis than you might think to come up with a complete casing flow program that wrings the optimum life out of each casing in your fleet. Unfortunately, many fleets give little thought to this process and only feel pain at the end of the year when tire expenses eat into net profit.


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