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Brahler's B-TUFF™ Premium Wheel Restoring Process

Want to do more than just survive in today’s difficult economy? We have another smart way to save on operating costs. We can help you squeeze a longer life out of your wheels.

Brahler’s B-TUFF™ premium wheel restoring process returns your sound used rims to ‘like new’ appearance and condition, saving the extra cost of buying new wheels.

Brahler's B-TUFF™ 8-Step Process restores used wheels:

  1. Heat cleaning removes old layers of paint, grease, and road tar on the wheel surface and weld seams.

  2. Shot blasting cleans ash and rust from all wheel surfaces.

  3. Careful inspection uncovers any defect that makes the wheel unsafe to restore. Inspection of the bead surface ensures that the wheel will properly seal to the tire.

  4. Alkaline cleaning bath washes and removes contaminants to reveal clean, bare steel.

  5. Rinsing carries away chemicals and contaminants.

  6. Special chemical conversion coating is applied to help prevent rust and corrosion.

  7. A second rinsing and drying step prepares the wheel surface for a final finish.

  8. We apply and bake on a durable powder coating to the cleaned and prepared wheel to extend its useful life and save you money.