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Retread TeamBrahler’s Truckers Supply, Inc. operates one of the Top 50 tire retreading plants in America. Ours is a large, independent retreading facility. It is one of the country’s most modern and up-to-date operations. We strive to produce top shelf, hassle-free retreads that help fleets achieve lowest cost per tire mile while maintaining safety and overall dependability. Year after year, our adjustment rate on truck retreads rivals that of premium new tires.

Our expertise comes from more than 40 years of retreading experience, starting as a Bandag franchisee, then later as a Michelin retreader. Today, our state-of-the-art facility produces premium precure Ringtreads as well as the more conventional precure Flat Treads.

Full circle, double-contoured Ringtreads fit a buffed casing perfectly. Fleet tire managers and drivers love their splice-free appearance and over-the-road performance. Certain casings may call for a conventional precure retread, so we produce both types to meet a wide range of service applications.

As an independent retreader, we are free to choose the best systems and best products available. Then, we help customers select the right combination for each specific casing and its eventual service application.  

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Brahler’s also retreads small off-road and industrial tires. We help our industrial customers gain maximum life from each new off-road or industrial tire that we sell or service.

Our industrial operation handles solid tires, foam filled, and standard pneumatic tire types. Often, the retreaded off-road or industrial retread that we produce outwears the original new tire tread! Longer wear at a lower acquisition cost spells significant cost savings.

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